Purchase via Bank Transfer

If it is more convenient for you to buy a Nocleženka voucher via bank transfer, please send the amount to account No.: 475335613/0300, VS: 20170112; write "Noclezenka" as a note. Thank you.

If you buy a Nocleženka voucher via bank transfer, be sure to give us your email address, either in a note or by an email, so that we can contact you about the use of the Nocleženka vouchers.


You Have Not Received Any Thanks Nor Information About the Use of the Nocleženka Voucher?

You Have Not Received Any Thanks Nor Information About the Use of the Nocleženka Voucher?

No one from our side has communicated with you, you have not received any thanks nor information about the use of the Nocležeka voucher? If you have received no feedback from us, be sure to contact us, so that we can find out what happened. Often, just a wrong click when filling in the email address in the donation interface means we will not be able to get in touch with you, which is a great pity. :-)   

                    What Is a Nocleženka Voucher?

By buying a NOCLEŽENKA voucher in the value of CZK 100, you will support a particular homeless person who will be able to spend a night in the warmth of a Salvation Army's night shelter thanks to your gift; but this is not just a regular overnight lodging; the homeless person will also have a soup with pastry, a hot drink and they will also have the opportunity to take a shower and to use the facilities for personal hygiene. Every purchased Nocleženka is assigned a number that is carefully registered so that the donor can be informed when "their" Nocleženka is used. Each transaction is assigned one Nocleženka, which is printed directly in the night shelter, passed on to a field worker who then hands it directly to a person in need. 

                      Involved Night Shelters

Currently, almost all night shelters of the Salvation Army are involved in the project, namely   Praha, Brno Karlovy VaryOstrava, Krnov, Opava, Šumperk, Jirkov and Havířov.  Nocleženka vouchers are fairly divided to the individual cities according to the number of beds available. 

NOCLEŽENKA- More Detailed Information About 

the Project

The Period of the Project Work

The project usually works from the end of November until the end of April - that is in cold weather. However, it is possible to buy a Nocleženka voucher at any time. These Nocleženka vouchers are then distributed during the colder days.

 Distribution of the Nocleženka Vouchers

If you buy a Nocleženka online, we will pass it on to our field social workers who will then hand it out to homeless people. If the donor wants to get a Nocleženka physically and donate it themselves, it is possible to buy it after a prior agreement at the Salvation Army Headquarters or at the individual centers (see the Involved Night Shelters).

The Price of a Nocleženka Voucher

The basic price is CZK 100; if the donor decides to send more, all the money will be used to develop and improve direct care for the homeless. If a homeless person comes to a night shelter and does not have a Nocleženka, they only pay a symbolic fee in the range of CZK 30-45, which is far from the real costs.

Using a Nocleženka Voucher

When a donor buys a Nocleženka voucher, over the next few days they will receive a confirmation email with thanks and all the information about the operation of the "project". Every purchased Nocleženka is assigned an evidence number; when the Nocleženka voucher is used, our colleagues from the night shelter send us information about its evidence number. This information is then sent to the specific donor. Please, be patient - Nocleženka vouchers are usually bought in waves, and thus they can be used even a few weeks after their purchase. You do not have to worry, every Nocleženka finds a person whom it helps.

Unused Nocleženka Vouchers

If a homeless person receives a Nocleženka voucher and for some reason does not use it (because they lose or damage it...), the vouchers are, due to accurate records, used during the chillier May days.

How to Further Help Homeless People in the Winter?

You have the opportunity to donate warm clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, winter boots, caps, scarves, gloves, etc. to the homeless. Bring your material gifts to the local Salvation Army centre in your city. However, we have also been approached by specific companies that organized corporate collections among their employees for people in need.

What You Have Written to Us...

We greatly appreciate your interest in and your support for the Nocleženka vouchers project. You have written many beautiful emails to us, so we will share some of them with you.

  • Dear Lucie, thank you for your moving thanks...I am very grateful that I can in this way at least slightly contribute, especially in these cruel frosts...I wish you and all your colleagues a lot of joy and feelings of happiness and success in your much needed work. I wish you lovely days. Monika :-).
  • Greetings, Lucie. Thank you very much for your lovely email, it warmed my heart very much! This feedback is great! I thank you for everything you do for the homeless! Your whole team has my respect! It is good to know that even in today's hurried time there are people who have a good heart! I wish you many donors who are not indifferent to lives of other people! I wish you a nice day! Věra
  • Good evening, Lucie, thank you very much for your email. It is incredibly wonderful to find out that you care so well not only for those who need help but also for the donors themselves. I wish you that your energy and enthusiasm are ever so great and return to you with at least a good feeling from the work done.
  • Dear Lucie, I want to thank you and all the people around you working on this [project].  I am myself afraid of the homeless, at least of the drunk ones, but I once talked to a lady at Palladium and at the end of the conversation, she told me she was homeless. I would have never said she was in trouble. Even though she was not dressed too well, I overlook these things, I listen rather than look. There, my view of the whole issue changed. I went to an ATM, withdrew the last two thousand and I brought them to her. She did not want them, but in the end, I forced her to take them. She said she would go to a hostel to wash, get some sleep, color her hair :-) and then would go to ask for a job. I am still afraid of drunk people, whether homeless or "homehave's," but I already know that we do not know the day or the hour. And we have to help each other, especially in this strange time...I thank you once again, you are the ones helping. Jitka
  • I am glad that I can help at least a little bit. If possible, I would like to contribute again. I wish you much success in your very helpful and certainly difficult work. I admire and respect it. Have a nice day.
  • You're welcome. I think it's a great project, and I would continue with it, even though it is no longer freezing cold outside. This is a specific thing with a specific sense and impact, so I'm glad I can help that easily from my home. That's the smallest thing, because it does not burden me in any way, it's done in a few minutes and the effect is crucial. I wish you all the best, you are very deft!
  • Greetings. I want to thank you for what you do. I really like the idea of Nocleženka vouchers and the operation of the project, the way it is easy for the donor; I was glad to support it. And I largely believe that I will be able to support it much more in the future. Thanks once again for your approach.
  • Dear Lucie, thank you for your message which testifies about the earnestness of the project. Several people have asked me whether the money would really go where I sent it. My own approach when I donate is that my intention is to help, and the rest is up to those working with the donation. But I am glad I can answer the questions of my friends. I know my donation is just a droplet in the sea, but I'm glad that it can hopefully help somebody. I wish your project success and many donors who will not be callous to the fact that it is freezing cold outside... Have a nice day.
  • Hello, Lucie. Thank you for your lovely email, you nicely surprised me. :)
  • Greetings. I am just normal, even though I have money and I am trained as a lawyer. I need no confirmation receipt. Sincerely, thank you for your work.
  • Hello. I would like to thank you and your entire organization for what you are doing. I just randomly happened to run into the option to buy Nocleženka thanks to Facebook and I am grateful for it. For a long time, I've been looking for a way to help, especially now that it's freezing cold. I would not like to go into a direct contact with someone on the street, I would not want to embarrass or offend them and so on. Nocleženka is therefore a great solution to my situation. I appreciate its availability and transparency. Not to mention that your field workers will give it to those who are most in need at the moment. I think that not only I, but also other uninitiated donors, are not able to discern this. Thanks for what you do. You do it well and I believe that my "little gift" will not be lost in it.
  • Greetings, Lucie. You really warmed my heart. I thank the whole Salvation Army for making it possible for me to experience this feeling. I am definitely not finished with supporting the Nocleženka project :-). Have a nice day and thanks again!
  • Dear Lucie, your email gave me a great joy - the joy that there really is a functional aid for homeless people, the joy that such a great organization as the Salvation Army operates here, the joy that there are still people who are not indifferent towards the lives of people who are despised and ostracized by the majority society. The donated amount is a negligible item in our family budget - we will be happy to contribute again at any time :) <3 We wish your work and ministry an abundance of God's blessing and many people whom you will help :) !
  • Hello. Thank you very much for your extremely nice email. It is very kind of you that you are letting me know. That even the little that I sent perhaps gave a little bit of happiness for a moment. What you are doing is just great. I wish you and the entire organization well. I'd love to contribute again soon. Regards, Kateřina


There are estimately over 60,000 homeless people in the Czech Republic. For many of them, sleeping in an Salvation Army facility is the only way to avoid freezing to death in winter. Many homeless people have gotten into their sad situation without their own fault, due to serious psychological or physical illness.

Thanks to the Nocleženka vouchers project, during the winter of 2016/2017, over 6,500 people could sleep for free in the warmth of the night shelters of the Salvation Army. Thank you.

In the winter season of 2017/2018, you have purchased a record of 30,000 Nocleženka vouchers. Thank you very much.